Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lost Dreams

This past Sunday, I attended the 14th annual "Season of Peace" holiday party at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. This is a party held for the families of murdered children. For a couple of years I have been one of many artists who volunteer to paint portraits of the victims as part of the "Lost Dreams on Canvas" project. The portraits are given to the families and reproductions of these paintings are exhibited at schools and other venues. The party is an opportunity for these families to come together in a difficult season to honor and remember their lost family members. The new portraits are presented and there is entertainment and activities for the children. It's a very emotional event. (You can read a column by Daniel Rubin about this event.) This year I was moved and honored when I was given a "Rich Montgomery Hero of Peace Award" in recognition of the work I had done painting these portraits. The portrait above is of Lamar Robinson, 19 years old.